As per DN2BM, But With Fully Engraved Nickle.


The DN2BM fully engraved nickle model has recently grown in popularity. Blackwood projecting mounts have been a clear trend, and naturally, we craft them very well. The full black give a stunning appearance, only accented by the shine of nickel ferrules, ring caps, and tuning slides. This set is truly unique and impressive.

Model Features

  • African Blackwood fully combed/beaded
  • Hand engraved Nickel ferrules
  • Hand engravedNickel ring caps
  • Hand engravedNickel tuning slides
  • Blackwood projecting mounts

Accessories Include

  • Polypenco pipe chanter
  • Choice of Canmore zipper or hide bag
  • Velvet or cord bag cover
  • Silk drone cords

Special Offer on this set - €130,00 extra for a David Naill Blackwood Chanter

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Bagpipe DN2BM Engraved Nickle

  • 1,780.67€

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