Terms & Conditions

 As of December 2007

§ 1 - Contract

The sale comes from the fact that the customer (hereinafter called "Buyer") electronic confirmation (mouse click, Enter, etc.) or by telephone transmission, we make an offer to conclude a purchase contract which we accomplished by sending the accept goods.

We will accept the offer of the buyer, in principle, our acceptance, however, reserve especially if available on the website writing or printing errors, provide the basis of the offer of the buyer, and if for us is the information submitted by the Purchaser, the reasonable suspicion that the buyer will not perform its contractual obligations properly, or if from the non-faithful behavior of the buyer in the execution of another contract with us is that the buyer will not perform its contractual obligations. We perform in any case, a credit check.

§ 2 - Domestic Shipping

The shipping cost sharing is per shipment, up to a total weight of 30 kg an.If the consignment had higher total weight than 30 kg, we will choose the cheapest shipping option. The resulting shipping costs are borne by the buyer. The shipping cost share falls only once per order, when supplies Piper The Corner Shop, for technical reasons in several shipments. By the above-listed shipping cost sharing in part the resulting postage / freight and part of the cost of packing and delivery are covered.

§ 3 - Payment

1. By check / cash in advance

On payment, the shopping-No. and to indicate the name, otherwise can be no allocation of your payment. The ordered goods are placed on the day of receipt of funds for shipping. When we receive a notification delays. Order by prepayment are deleted automatically after 2 weeks, if by that no receipt was recorded.

2. Cash on Delivery

COD deliveries are not possible.

4. By credit card

5. Bank

Payments are please to provide only the following account:

The Piperscorner Shop

IBAN: DE51 3205 0000 0000 0436 53

BIC: SPKRDE33XXX (Krefeld)

Kto.-Nr. 043653

BLZ 32050000

Sparkasse Krefeld

The purchase price is due immediately after delivery, without discount. If the buyer is in arrears, interest will be calculated in the amount of 5 percentage points above the prime rate (§ 288 BGB).

All prices quoted are exclusive of shipping costs and include VAT.

§ 4 - Delivery reservation

Delivery is subject to the proviso that we are supplied correctly and on time and not responsible for the lack of availability. Damages are excluded, unless gross negligence, unless a personal injury has occurred. The risk is the delivery of the goods by a transport person to the buyer. This also applies in the case of partial shipments. The individual item is automatically insured up to the value of the goods (up to 500.00 EUR). If it should reach a damaged delivery must be made immediately a message stating the invoice number and type of damage to The Piper Corner Shop, so we can take to regulate the transport insurance.

Deliveries in the event of temporary unavailability only on special request. E-mail or call. Otherwise, we will ask you to consider this item at the next order. If additional delivery required by the shipping costs will of course be at our expense.

§ 5 - Retention / off

Retention may be exercised, the buyer only if his counterclaim is based on the same contractual relationship. A right to offset the buyer only if his claims either legally determined, are undisputed or acknowledged by us.

§ 6 - Guarantee / warranty / liability

If goods are defective in materials or workmanship or damage in transit, this is a complaint by the buyer without delay with an exact description of the goods and the nature of the error. Complaints clear please phone in advance 02163-8883235.

The same applies to non-ordered product. When returning the invoice of the goods shall be included. The product can also be claimed in a shop of the cooperation partner. The relevant competent partner is identified within the bill.Also in this case, please attach the bill. During the warranty period shall apply as of 2 years, the Civil Code. Then the buyer has first right to repair (repair or replacement). Liability can only be asserted against The Piper Corner Shop, where the damage caused by intent or gross negligence or a personal injury. This also applies to the personal liability of employees, representatives and agents of The Piper Corner Shop. The above does not apply to claims under § § 1.4 of product liability law.

§ 7 - Withdrawal

The buyer is entitled within a period of 2 weeks of receiving the shipment to cancel the purchase contract. To time limits or end right of withdrawal is sufficient to send the revocation (or by e-mail) to us. Upon withdrawal of the sales contract the buyer to return the goods received is committed to us.

In an order value up to an amount of 40.00 EUR Buyer pays the cost of the return.For a higher order and upon receipt of unsolicited or defective goods shall The Piper Corner Shop in each case, the cost of the return.

The right does not apply where the supply of

- Goods which are manufactured to customer specifications or clearly tailored to personal needs or which are not suitable by nature to a return or spoil quickly or whose expiration date has passed.

- Audio or video recordings or software if the delivered data carriers have been unsealed by the customer.

Items that are identified in the text as "delivery by cash in advance" will be delivered only to the following conditions: These items are ordered and / or prepared. If a delivery of goods from a paid in advance are not accepted, a refund may be made only after deduction of accrued costs. These costs are determined on an individual basis.

The buyer confirmed during an online purchase by qualified electronic signature (indicating the e-mail address) that he was informed of his right of withdrawal above.

§ 8 - Retention of title

The delivered goods until full payment of all claims against the buyer purchase our property.

§ 9 - Privacy / permisson Marketing

Necessary for the business transaction will be saved, and the handling of the order if necessary distributed to our partners. All personal data is treated confidentially. Submitted bank details are not stored on the web server. The Piper Corner Shop in principle protect the data of all customers, employees and suppliers and thus to keep the law, particularly relating to data protection legislation. There are no personal data disclosed to unauthorized third parties. When sending out newsletters and creation of Web sites work with external service providers who consider themselves too strictly to the privacy policies and only within the framework of its activities for The Piper Cornershop take access to the data. A transfer of data to unauthorized third parties. In addition, The Piper Corner Shop maintains for the purpose of credit checking a data exchange with other group mail-order companies and possibly also with the Schufa

For those interested, here it goes to the Federal Data Protection Act:

§ 10 - Partners

Partners are all retailers that are the Internet platform Piper The Corner Shop connected. Advertising statements and offers to load business partner are the responsibility of the partners. For the content of the statements, offers The Piper Corner Shop is not responsible in law.